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Spawners Faq

Basic questions related to spawners players ask...

Q1: What are the requirements to mine the spawners?
A: For vanilla spawners, players need level 27 in /ranks or Marauder donor ranks and silk touch pickaxe.

Q2: Which spawners are in vanilla?

A: Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Cave-Spider, Silverfish, Magmacube, Blaze...

Q3: How many spawners I can mine a day?
A: Players start with 12 charges and then +1 charges every 2 hours for recharging.

Q4: How to check the charges limit?
A: Players can use the command /charges to check how many spawners limit left.

Q5: How to mine custom spawners like Iron Golem, Squid, Sheep, Cow, etc?
A: All players get access to mine all non-vanilla spawners without rank. [Except Vex]

Q6: How does custom spawner's eggs works?
A: Spawner's eggs can be used to change any placed spawner into custom spawners.

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