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    Ahoy hoy! I know a few us us that hang around here stream as well, so how about we post links so we can watch each other? The more views the merrier, right? or just look up "Jess_eyes" on twitch.
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    Denied Jess_eye's YouTuber (Twitch) application.

    Please? A yes or no? I'm up to 5 whole followers now.
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    Denied Jess_eye's YouTuber (Twitch) application.

    ● What is your username on Minecraft? Jess_eye I'm Jess_eyes on twitch. ● How many subscribers do you have? Just 1, I'm a noob. Edit: Followers, not subscribers. I can't get subscribers until I have 50 followers. ● What is the average amount of views you get per video? Average was 1 on my...