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  1. Rex

    Full Server Rules 2.0

    !!RULES FOR REXKRAFT!! -------------------- [Chat] -------------------- Spam is not allowed. Repetitive words, letters, symbols that aren’t used in their correct context, or many messages sent quickly are considered spam. Advertising is strictly prohibited in our chat system for any kind of...
  2. Rex

    YouTuber Application Format

    Are you a YouTuber? Looking for a server to record on? Fill out this application below! ● What is your username on Minecraft? ● How many subscribers do you have? ● What is the average amount of views you get per video? ● How long have you played on RexKraft? ● Have you already uploaded a...
  3. Rex

    Forum Rules

    Here you'll find all the rules and guidelines to follow while posting on the forum. Please note that these rules may be variable exactly like the rules in game which means that the punishments will depend on the case. Note also that the punishment are meant to be related to the forum only and...