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Admin application.


1. I have read and comply with the terms and conditions.
2. I'm applying for RexKraft.
3. I am 17.
4. My in-game name is Masterkill1.
5. I want to be an Admin.
6. My timezone is EST.
7. I want to become an Admin because I love to help out people, I get confused sometimes, I admit that.
8. I try to be on always, but sometime's I have to leave.
9. I do have a microphone
10. I'm staff on 2 other servers. One of the servers is no longer.
11. If someone was hacking I'd try and prove that there hacking and/or watch them. If I find out they are hacking I will ban them.
12. If someone was spamming I would tell them to stop, if they don't stop I will mute that person. After they get unmuted and they start spamming again, I would kick them. If they keep spamming I will ban the person.
13. I would ask the difficult player to stop, then if they don't stop I will give them a punishment.
14. I've been playing Minecraft for five years. I've always loved playing.
15. My name is Charlie.