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Denied appeal for Mandy565

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What is your username?

When were you banned?

Why were you banned?
I was rude to the staff people.

Do you understand why you were banned?
I understand why I was banned on this server

Have you ever been banned before?

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
I will and I am really sorry for everything bad I do on the server

Attach a screenshot of your ban message.



o and I will follow all the rules I won't do anything else than just playing on with my friend horse/pony and my brother twitch226 I really love that server cuz it's actually my first one. And I will be happy if you will unban me and if it is possible to have at least my rank and money back and spawners(32 blazes,19magma cubes,6 witches,20 guardians 28 igs and 7 pigman) cuz I owe igs to the horse/pony if not I will understand and I know I am asking too much and again I am so sorry for all trouble I made to the server tnx for understanding :Dor un bann me for like a week and watch me how I will play and if I will break any more rules ban me perm and I won't do appeal again.and i have 1 question am i alowed to give 1 or 2 clues where egg is???
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