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Accepted Athena's Staff Application

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1. Have you read, and comply with the Terms & conditions?

Yes, I have.

2. What server are you applying for? (RexKraft/SilkyCraft)

I am applying for the RexKraft server.

3. How old are you? (Need to be at least 16 Years old)

I am 26 Years old.

4. What is your Minecraft In-Game Name?

My In-Game name is Athena_Lynn.

5. What are you Applying for? (Eg: T-Mod, Mod, etc.)

I am applying to become either a Discord moderator or a Helper.

6. What is your Timezone?

My Timezone is Pacific Standard(PST).

7. Why do you want to be staff?

I have been a part of this community for a decent amount of time and I've always enjoyed helping people when the opportunity presented itself. I feel like becoming a member of the staff team would be a great opportunity for me to help others without feeling like I'm stepping on anyone's feet, I hope that makes sense. Also, If I am accepted to moderate the discord, I'm capable of doing so and I'm highly active on discord daily.

8. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?

I have nothing but free time on my hands. I can be on discord all throughout the day and interact with the server through there if needed.

9. Do you have a Microphone?

Yes I do.

10. Do you have any past staff experience?

I have been a moderator on multiple discord servers in the past and currently I am moderating one. I know a fair amount about discord bots and plug-ins.

11. How would you deal with a hacker?

A hacker is very serious. I would immediately ban the person or people involved and report it to the staff admin. That only applies if I have the power to do so, which I'm not asking for. So If I couldn't take action immediately, I would reach out to those who are capible of handling it quickly.

12. How would you deal with a spammer in chat?

I would give them one verbal warning, asking politely for them to stop and if they continue regardless of my request I will mute them for the recommended amount of time.

13. How would you handle a "difficult" player?

I would simply remind them that we encourage a warm and welcoming environment. Kindly asking them to respect the other players and staff. If they continue to cause problems and disregard the rules, I would verbally warn them and report it to the other staff.

14. Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I wouldn't say you should choose me above anyone else because I feel like everyone should have a fair chance and if there is someone more qualified that I am, you should definitely consider them first. I'm just here to offer my help in any way that I can!

15. Is there anything else we should know?

Anyone on the server who actually knows me would agree when I say that I always do my best to stay out of trouble, I'm a warm and friendly kind of girl who always jumps at the opportunity to help out when I can.

Thank you for your consideration.


Staff member
Hey [Name], thank you for taking the time to submit an application to show your dedication and aspirations to help the server and its community. We have reviewed your application and chose to accept you to work as a Helper on the RexKraft staff team. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to the server, we're excited to see you on the team.

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