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Denied Builder Application

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1. Have you read, and do you comply with the Terms & conditions?
Yes I have read and do comply with the terms and conditions.
3. How old are you? (You must be at least 16 Years old)
I am 19 years old
4. What are your strengths in building? (What themes do you prefer?)

I prefer medieval and fantasy themes and I am pretty good at interior decorating.
5. What is your weakness in building, and how would you better yourself from it?

I have a tendency to continuously find things wrong with what I build. Receiving criticism from others helps me a lot to better my builds.
6. What is your Timezone?

7. How much time do you have to contribute to the role?

Around 5 hours per day, sometimes more if I am needed.
8. Do you have a microphone?

9. Do you have any past builder experience? if so please describe what your role was and how you accomplished them.

I do not have any past builder experience.
10. Why should we choose you over other applicants?

Building is one of the main reasons I play minecraft. I do not get bored with it easily and am continuously looking for ways to improve myself.
11. Do you have any experience with Worldedit, Voxelsniper, goBrush/goPaint?

I do not have any experience with these, but I have been currently learning how to use world edit.
12. Anything else we should know?

I do not think so.
13. Please put at least 2 - 10 images of builds you have done. (A Portfolio would be best).



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Hello Marpesiaa, sorry for the late reply. I am denying this application as it looks like you no longer play on RexKraft.
Not open for further replies.