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Here you'll find all the rules and guidelines to follow while posting on the forum.
Please note that these rules may be variable exactly like the rules in game which means that the punishments will depend on the case.
Note also that the punishment are meant to be related to the forum only and not in game.

The following list is a set of actions that will be punished with a warn for the first offence, tempban for the second offence and depending on the case with a permanent ban on the third or fourth offence:
- Swearing, spamming, flooding
- Being disrespectful
- Starting flame wars
- Sharing private info (yours or not)
- Commenting after a staff member said to not to
- "Closing" or "solving" reports if you're not staff
- Excessive use of CAPS or emojis
- Necroposting. (Necroposting is the act of commenting a post that is not receiving replies since a long period of time with the intent of bumping and bringing it in frontpage again)
- Abusing the "report" function of the forum
- Asking for rankups
- Please also refrain from double posting. (Replying to a thread and then replying without another person replying. It gets spammy.)

The following list is a set of actions that will be punished with a straight ban/tempban (depending on the case):
Sharing inappropriate links
- Advertising
- Highly racist / inappropriate content
- Faking evidence in reports / ban appeals
- Spamming the forum with a lot of posts in a relatively short amount of tim
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