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Full Server Rules Part 2

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Part 2
[Renaming items]

  • Users cannot rename items for the purpose of making them misleading (for example, taking a cookie and renaming it “Diamond Sword”, and then attempting to auction or trade it without specifying that the item is a cookie is against the rules)
  • If you are auctioning or trading an item that has been renamed, you MUST specify what the item was before it was renamed.
  • All renamed items must follow the language and content rules for the chat on the server. If it would not be appropriate in global, it is not an appropriate item name.
  • Making or distributing items that are inappropriately named are both punishable to the same extent. If you find or receive an item that has been inappropriately named, please inform a staff member immediately, so that they may investigate and act appropriately.
[Inappropriate Usernames/Skins]

  • Any skin deemed offensive or vulgar is not allowed. This can include anything from Hitler skins to nude skins and this is moderated solely at staff discretion. Offending users will be asked to change their skin, and failure to do so may result in removal from the server.
  • Inappropriate usernames are not allowed on the server and may be removed once brought to the attention of the staff team. These include but are not limited to:
    • Usernames with language not suitable for RK
    • Usernames created with the purpose of being very similar to or hard to distinguish from existing RK player names.

  • Abuse of any exploits, bugs, or glitches can result in a punishment based on the severity of abuse. Those are unfair "advantages" that can cause major issues for everyone on the server.
  • When exploits are found, they need to be reported to the server owner immediately.
  • Being a good sport and reporting issues (mainly severe exploits) could benefit you more than abusing them would. Gameplay is to be kept fair for everyone.
  • Any user caught exploiting any feature or a part of the server will be severely punished.
  • As well, hacking into the server through any sort of illegal method will have your information forwarded to your local Police Department after your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is contacted.
  • Any user caught severely exploiting the economy in any way without reporting the glitch or bug will be severely punished.
  • Exploiting the economy is any action that results in an unfair economical advantage to a single user or group of users, by means of a glitch, exploit, or bug.
    • This also means that exploiting exploits that are known is against the rules. If you believe a bug, glitch or exploit has been reported and has not been fully fixed, please report this to the administrator.
  • There will be absolutely no chance of appeal for this sort of action.
  • Don’t buy from other shops to restock your own shop. Don’t buy/sell from other shops to exploit new changes in the server. [Ex. Someone is buying diamonds for $100 and server shop nerfs diamond prices from $150 to $50]
  • Do not attempt to find or create loopholes in rules, you will be punished regardless.
  • Macros are not allowed when used to gain an advantage over other players.
  • Going on top of the Nether is not allowed. If you are found up there, you will be asked to leave. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

  • Do not take more items from areas than you need where it becomes a monopoly for that item. It makes it so other players aren't able to get them on their own. One example is Elytras. Only get what you NEED. Don't take more to sell, just to make money. Let others have the chance to get them on their own and not HAVE to pay others for them. That isn't how Minecraft intended it or how we want this server to be. We want players to work together.
  • Placing blocks and breaking them for BattlePass missions and Quests are not allowed. You have to find the blocks naturally and mine them. If you are caught placing and breaking, we will prevent you from being able to participate in the BattlePass and other quest-like things in the future.
  • Showing other players where Easter eggs are placed at spawn, or telling them where they are is not allowed. Also, do not follow other players who are looking for the eggs. You will be punished. (This currently only applies to RexKraft)
  • 25. We allow one alt per person. But they are only allowed for one use, that is to AFK. Alts can not be used for anything else. Alts can pay for afk kick bypass for $10 Million. (This currently only applies to RexKraft) Alts are not allowed on SilkyCraft.
  • Close off any areas with spawners. Letting entities build-up causes server lag. Make sure Redstone machines/farms have a turn off the switch when not being used. 0-tick farms are not allowed. Any Redstone farm which can cause a massive amount of lag to the server is not allowed, ask a staff member if not sure. Guardian farms are also banned, use spawners instead. [Ex. Slime sugarcane farm, Redstone cactus farm, etc.]
  • Please do not use the color codes &0 and &k in public chat or in nicknames.
  • AFK fishing farms are not allowed.

  • All tempbans, regardless of length, may not be appealed. They will be automatically lifted when the time has expired.
  • RexKraft staff are not responsible for things happening outside the server, and cannot be expected to moderate your life. If you need help outside the game, please visit the Getting Help section.
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