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Good bye..? lol


Hello to everyone who have been in RexKraft, this will be my good bye. It was fun having a nice community server to work for before i got demoted from developer but i believe RexKraft has more potential in being a bigger survival server!
When i joined this server at the beginning of April i didn't expect the server to grow this big it was a skyblock server too a survival server... bad staffs *cough* Tempo *cough*, but most of all....
I wanna thank these people that helped me over the past few years while i was in RexKraft. First of all the man himself, Rex! He has always been there to help the community and the server by making it better. Second is Evan for being a good mod over-all and lastly Joe, i didn't think i would say his name :p, but he always found a way to make me laugh with his "jokes"
I hope RexKraft is still growing strong, best wishes for the server :3
I'll be on occasionally... >.<

if i the people who knows me well didn't see their names in that list... because i've forgotten your names x3
Also i would have posted this on my "Update your status" but it was too long