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Denied Got banned for "Lying"

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What is your username?

When were you banned?

Why were you banned?
Okay so before i even wrote this message im just gonna say im not trying to write a sob story or anything, if i stay banned, then thats ok. but this message is intended to get me unbanned.
so Yesterday 5/26, i went to KO's casino, i gambled a bit and won 600k twice, i left his casino for two hours to work on a farm me and him were thinking about for business, Soft_Furret helped me build the farm. i log off for the night and wake up to a message in the mail. its Rex asking if i bugged the casino because he didn't have logs of it since it was privately owned, i told him the truth and said no, it was probably someone else because i wasn't there for very long. i continue to build my farm and he said i have logs of you winning 22 times. if i won 22 times id have ab 10 million or something when my balance right now is like 1 or 2 mil from the 2 times i wont plus other money i had from all 4 of my farms. he then banned me with the message "lying again n again" with no proof. i just would like to see evidence because at first he said he had no logs, then a second later he did? im very confused and upset cause i had like 50+ hours in the server and id just like to get an explanation or something, i was making that farm for HIM, i was going to do a business deal with him, why would i stab him in the back like that.

Do you understand why you were banned?
No, as little info is given, nor proof. i wasn't told HOW the casino was bugged even after asking rex and KO how someone couldve done it multiple times, therefore i do not know what i or anyone else could've done, what i did was i bought some cheques and threw it in. if i got a 1$ cheque i threw it in a few more times, once i got 600k twice i started to feel bad and left, i should've told him about it, just thinking of that while writing this letter. if that was the bug i was never informed that was illegal because there where no signs saying i wasn't allowed to. so if thats it then i take full responsibility for that, anything else i have no idea.

Have you ever been banned before?
Yes, due to accidentally using a glitch i didn't know was bannable.

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
I want another chance because i love this server, i have 50+ hours in and id be devastated to lose my progress, ill even donate some of my own personal money to KO and i didn't know that was illegal to do in his casino

Attach a screenshot of your ban message.
(This is important as it contains information regarding the ban)
my discord is blond#1140 for further questions :)


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