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Gradient Guide


Staff member
Do /hexcolors in-game to be given a link to a hex color picker. Otherwise, you can do /colorpicker in-game to be shown one in chat.
Use /nick {#hexcolor1>}nickname{#hexcolor2<} to set a custom colored nickname with a color gradient.
Also, if you would like a 3rd color in-between, use {#hexcolor1>}texthere{#hexcolor2<>}texthere{#hexcolor3<}
If you have rank Captain, you can do /prefix as well and make your prefix custom and colorful.
Alternatively, you can just do /nick {#hexcolor}texthere or /prefix {#hexcolor}texthere if you only want one color.
Keep in mind that you need the appropriate rank to use these commands and colors.
Check the donation store here https://store.rexkraft.com/ to check what donor ranks we have and what they gain access too, and use /ranks in-game to see what ranks give you what perks! Also, when changing your prefix, be sure to do /resetprefix first, otherwise it won't work.