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Jobs Evaluation


I recently did testing for four of the jobs on the server (fisherman, digger, woodcutter, and miner). I worked each job for 30 minutes using the following tools: Legendary Fishing Rod, Legendary Silk Shovel, Legendary Axe, Legendary Pick-Axe. I figured it was best to use the most efficient tools because this would provide the more accurate determination of earnings, particularly late game, and even those such as myself who don't have much money but yet still enough to acquire the tools. I started each job at level one. The results are as follows:

Level 11
Cash: $2,732.30
Value of Fish Sold: 370.00
Value of Custom Fish Sold at Pwarp Fishco: 418,500.00
Total Earnings: $421,602.30

Level 16
Cash: $7,701.54
Total Earnings: $7,701.54

Level 11
Cash: $2,261.40
Wood Sold: 10,717.00
Total Earnings: $12,978.40

Level 22
Cash: $21,032.60
Infinity Stones sold to Pwarp Amazon: 30,000.00
Iron Ore: $23,760.00
Gold Ore: $9,300.00
Diamonds: $30,600.00
Lapis Lazuli: $1,920.00
Redstone Dust: $2,048.00
Total Earnings: $118,660.60

A few additional points I wanted to make are as follows. I did not use mcmmo abilities for any of the tests. For the woodcutter job I spent 15 minutes in a dark oak biome and 15 minutes in a regular forest biome. For the digger job, due to the fact that I wanted to measure the amount of cash strictly from the jobs plugin, a lot of dirt and grass blocks were lost, meaning I did not sell them. Selling it during the test would have offset my balance in showing how much the job really paid. Due to reasonable estimate, I believe that I would have had at least 3 inventories full of grass/dirt blocks. Assuming three inventories of grass blocks ($5x36x64x3) gives the player an additional $34,560. I think this is a good estimate on the conservative side and will be happy to do another test if wished to do so. As far as the analysis goes for job pay only, the miner job pays the most and allows the player to level up the fastest from the four, really by a landslide. Digger is second closest by just over a third for pay and the other two don't even come close. Factoring in the additional cash from the goods sold doing the jobs, fisherman is best. Following this the miner job, the digger job (assuming we factor in the $34,560 above), and lastly the woodcutter job.