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Denied KDan_IRL and SpeedGamerBr's Ban Appeal


What is your username?
(we're friends)

When were you banned?
09/07/2019 (nine of july of 2019)

Why were you banned?
Grifening first offence

Do you understand why you were banned?
We were exploring some villages, they weren't protected, we went into a cavern, it wasnt protected too. nothing that we've collected was protected at all, or was claimed as a home.

Have you ever been banned before?

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
yes, we will, and we want another chance because we were just exploring, we didn't try to destroy another's player house, or a construction by a player.

Attach a screenshot of your ban message. 89
Hey KDan_IRL, thank you for taking the time to submit a ban appeal to show your dedication to the server. We have reviewed your ban appeal and decided to deny your appeal because of we do not review temp bans. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to our server.