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Omegastrom Ban Appeal


What is your username?

When were you banned?

Why were you banned?
I was banned for I think advertisement(either that or non family friendly content since i made a joke retaining content like that while in a conversation, it was one of those 2 but neither of them was trying to persuade someone to join another server or to use another website, just in a joking manner but I am still sorry.)

Do you understand why you were banned?
Yes, I understand why i was banned completely.

Have you ever been banned before?
No I have not, this is my first time

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
Yes, I will follow the rules again in the future, although i feel the punishment was harsh for the action i made, I still feel really bad. This is honestly one of the best and kindest communities i've been part of, and the few experiences i've been through on this server have really made me love it. I don't think i can honestly say about any other server that i would enjoy waking up to play on it. I was banned which means I can't do it now, so i feel really sorry and ask politely to be unbanned, and I fully understand if you chose not to.

Attach a screenshot of your ban message.
I know I was banned but it only says thisban.PNG