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SleepishWasHere's Ban Appeal


Hello I would like to be UnBanned from RexKraft as I dont feel like I was banned for a good reason.As you may know I was banned because I took Trina (RealHydrowo)'s Beacons I know Trina (RealHydrowo) in real life and I was planning to give them back to her If she messaged me sooner. At the time she messaged me my discord account was deleted and I had no way to see her messages plus she didn't even message me when I was talking to her about the claim and that I'd like her to unban me from her claim (As seen in these messages [image one]) I also say I just

wanted to just fix the grass around my house area because it wasnt matching up with hers, I dont know why she banned me and senzchan on her land because she didnt even give us a explanation. When I took the beakers it was a joke for her to come back hopfully the next day but she never came back and we both forgot about putting the Beacons back. But yesterday night I got a message from her (On my then deleted discord account) saying this 1593876778907.png[Image two]

She also had more ways to get in contact with me where I would of actually seen these messages like on twitter we both follow each other on there and I check there like almost every 15 to 20 mins. This could of easly been sorted if she actually replyied to my first messages and none of this would of happend. I didn't take anything out of anger or anything it was just simple joke that she took out of hand. I still feel if she actually wanted her stuff back she'd try and message and come to me first. I hope I can get unbanned because I was banned for this silly and stupid reason that quite honestly could of been delt with in like 10 mins

Thank you for reading my appeal.