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Denied SpeedUHC ban appeal - AFKing

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What is your username? - SpeedUHC
(Please give us the username that you were banned on)

When were you banned? - 6/15/2019
(Date that which you were banned on)

Why were you banned? - AFKing warned multiple times
(Reason stated on your Ban Message)

Do you understand why you were banned? - Yes. After talking to Diablo I understand.
(Explain whether you understand the reasoning behind your ban)
Here is a brief history of my AFKing issue:

The first time I got warned it was for making a automatic fishing farm. Yes that warning is 100% justified.

Yesterday I was banned for "Bypassing the afk system" yesterday when I logged out and a villager was pushing me around. I apologized to Haq and I explained that I had logged out in my new villager breeder and I didn't think about the villagers pushing me around b/c there were none in the system when I logged out and I got unbanned.

The incident yesterday made me assume that there was an AFK system in place because I got banned for bypassing the AFK system. I messaged Diabloblade b/c I was confused why the server didn't kick me last night. He informed me that there is no anti AFK plugin for 1.14

Why I believed there was an AFK system:
1. When I was first banned, Kalye told me on discord: "You had a villager pile up constantly bumping you keeping you out of afk" This chat caused me to think that the reason I was banned was bypassing AFK and not for the reason of being AFK.

2. I was never told in either of my first two instances that there was no anti afk and the ban message from yesterday led me to believe that there was one.

3. The last RexKraft had an anti afk system and I assumed this one had one as well

The reason I logged out in the hole was that I assumed the anti-AFK plugin would kick me anyway.

Have you ever been banned before?
(If so, explain why) - Yes ('Bypassing the AFK system')

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
(Explain why you want another chance)

My apologies.

I will not AFK any more. If I had known that the AFK system would not auto kick me, I would not have afked in the first place. I did not want to get banned and I knew you guys would be watching my account for bypassing the AFK system after the first 2 incidents. Now that I know I will fix this issue.

Attach a screenshot of your ban message.
(This is important as it contains information regarding the ban)

My screenshot will not attach on the forums so here is an imgur link:



Sorry to inform you, but you can not under any circumstance argue a temporary ban unless you believe the staff member who banned you is at fault, sorry for the late reply.

Thread locked.
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