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Denied Staff application [Denied]


1. Yes, I have
2. RexKraft
3. I will be 17 in February
4. BRad4751
5. Helper
6. Eastern time
7. I just want to help out as much as I can, I already play the server almost every day and it's a server that I'd be glad to be part of the staff with.
8. Minus my real-life job I basically just play video games including this server so plenty of free time
9. Yes, I have a mic
10. No I do not
11. I would deal with the hacker by using the rules that were implemented by rex himself and think of the best consequence for whatever the hacker ended up doing.
12. Again follow the rules implemented by rex, mainly ask then nicely to not spam so much in chat,
13. It depends on how difficult they were being because you can have all sorts of different type of difficult people, but just make sure that they understand the rules and guidelines that were implemented but end up making it a fun and pleasant time to play.
14. I have read other applications and its totally up to you, I'm already on the server enough and help people that i figured I'd apply and just see.
15. Even though school will be starting back up i always find a time in the day to hop on even if it's on discord just to say hey to everyone even if its 11 o'clock at night


Staff member
Senior Moderator
Thanks for your application. Staff will discuss and get back too you soon.



Staff member
Hi Brad, thank you for taking the time to apply. After consideration, staff have decided to deny this application for helper at this time. We are appreciative of your interest, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing on our servers.