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1. Have you read, and comply with the Terms & conditions? Yes Sir I Have Read them
2. What server are you applying for? (RexKraft/SilkyCraft) RexKraft
3. How old are you? (Need to be at least 16 Years old) Im 18 Years Old Soon 19
4. What is your Minecraft In-Game Name? Wazubi
5. What are you Applying for? (Eg: T-Mod, Mod, etc.) T-Mod Ofc That stands for trailer Mod You need to proof that you worth to get the mod rank
6. What is your Timezone? 01:00
7. Why do you want to be staff?Im Applying to this server cause ive fell in love with the community the past week, all people are nice and ofcourse is some bad people but this server have just gived me alot of funny moments and good feelings so thats why.
8. How much time do you have to contribute to the role? All the time when im online.
9. Do you have a Microphone? Yes Sir i do have a microphone
10. Do you have any past staff experience? I have alot of experience as a staff. Ive been founder of 3 servers long time ago when i used to play alot and now is coming back, Ive been dev,admin,mod and builder on some server but sadly they shut down. ive been staff on other games to as FiveM
11. How would you deal with a hacker? How i would deal with a hacker first i would have spectate them to make sure that they are 100% hacking then i would record the situation to make it more simple if he apply for unban.
12. How would you deal with a spammer in chat? With a spammer i would first tell them to stop spamming as a warning and if they still spamming i would put them on a mute for 10 min and if they still doing it will be longer time.
13. How would you handle a "difficult" player? a difficult player i would probebly handel by talking with him. But i really dont know what u guys mean with a difficult player all people are difftent some people maybe have more questions then others some people maybe dont talk at all so i really dont know but most i would do is talk. i would not give him an punnishment for being difficult.
14. Why should we choose you over other applicants?

I will always try to help people out and make them feel as welcome as possible on the server. I will look out for cheaters and unkind players and deal with them fairly. Another reason that I’d love to be staff is so that people who have never met me and need help realise that I can help them and give them any advice they need on the server, as they normally recognise a staff member and know that is who they should go to if they need advice/support with anything. I will support players and try to vanish toxicity from the server, to make everyone who plays have the best experience possible.I also sometimes try to turn toxicity around and help people to learn from it. An example of this is when somebody stole my Minecraft skin despite me telling them that I’d rather they didn’t. Instead of retaliating I made a brand new skin for them which they love now. I am happy to have ‘made their day’ and it puts a smile on my face. I did, however, let them know that what they did was wrong.
A few of my friends told me I’d make a good staff member, and that is what motivated me. I strive to be an active member of the community and a positive influence on all players.

15. Is there anything else we should know?
I Could tell little bit about me im 18 years old live in sweden, go to school as study to be a truck mechanic. At my free time i often play games and social with my friends, And i would like to say the person who is reading this hope you have an wounderful day// Lucas