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1. I have read and comply with the terms and conditions.
2. I'm applying for RexKraft.
3. I am 16.
4. My in game name is Aquamazong.
5. I want to be a Mod.
6. My timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time)
7. I want to be a staff member because I like RexKraft and the people on it. The community is very welcoming and pretty close-knit. Being able to help out on the server is something I am interested in.
8. I'm usually on a couple hours a day. At least an hour or so to check in with people and vote.
9. I do have a microphone.
10. I owned a server in 2019-2020. I was pretty high up in a server in 2014-2015 but I can't remember the title exactly.
11. If I suspected someone of hacking, I would watch them until I was certain. And then if they are definitely hacking, I would ban them.
12. If someone was spamming chat, I would ask them to stop. If they didn't I would mute them if possible. If that's not possible or they continue to do it after being unmuted, I would kick them. If they didn't stop after that, then they would be banned.
13. Difficult players would be handled similarly to spammers. You ask them to stop and if they don't listen, keep escalating the punishment.
14. I've been playing Minecraft since it came out. I am on a lot and would consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the game.
15. My name is James and I'm fine with people calling me that.


Staff member
Senior Moderator
Hello Aquamazong. Sorry for the late response. I am denying this application as it looks like you no longer play on RexKraft.
Not open for further replies.