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xSynSoldier Ban Appeal


What is your username?
(Please give us the username that you were banned on)
I THINK the username was xSynSoldier. Also, I know I am IP Banned.

When were you banned?
(Date that which you were banned on)
I was banned... super long ago. about a year 1/2 - 2 years ago.

Why were you banned?
(Reason stated on your Ban Message)
I was banned because I was bidding an excessive amount on auctions. Plus I believe it was for something that was not worth much at all.

Do you understand why you were banned?
(Explain whether you understand the reasoning behind your ban)
Of course. It was very clear why I got banned. It was clearly a rule that I broke. I do not know if its still a rule due to it being a year 1/2+ ago since I've been banned.

Have you ever been banned before?
(If so, explain why)
Yes, I do not remember the reasons though. It was so long ago. But I know for sure I was falsely banned for stealing. It was quite a crazy situation. I asked an old staff member, I believe his name was Falgar, or something, if I could take some spawners that I found he said yes but apparently he wasn't saying yes to me he was saying yes to someone else and I mistook it, he ended up banning me and I appealed and it was resolved.

Will you follow the rules again in the future?
(Explain why you want another chance)
I know I'll follow the rules in the future. I've spent so long being banned... I still have this server on my server list and every time I play minecraft I try to join it to see if I am still banned.

Attach a screenshot of your ban message.
(This is important as it contains information regarding the ban)
Please remember to be patient after submitting your appeal
This is the message I get after attempting to join the server. I know I am banned though. I have no idea why it gives me this message. I try to join, it takes a while, then this message comes up.